The Great Outdoors – Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edward FitzgibbonsBeing in the outdoors can be just what someone needs to reset, recharge and relax. There are many great national parks to choose from if you are looking to adventure in this way. Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons agrees that being in the outdoors can be a great mental break for people that live in a busy world.

One national park in particular is that of the Sequoias. Many hikers have found a love for this park for a variety of reasons. For one, it is not as well known as its neighbor national park of Yosemite. These two California parks are both full of many of the same types of sites, but Yosemite has gotten much more PR which means more people. To get a campsite at Yosemite can be a trying endeavor especially during peak seasons.

The other reason people love the Sequoias are sites like “General Sherman” which is a massive tree and the crystal caves that can be explored. Sequoia also offers some smaller adventures such as natural water slides. These are rocks that have been smoothed out over time by rushing water and then covered in moss creating a water slide effect. It is a short hike to reach these water slides, but well worth it (especially on a hot day). Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons loves to hike and sperlunk and Sequoia offers many opportunities for both of these fun adventure activities.