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The Great Outdoors – Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edward FitzgibbonsBeing in the outdoors can be just what someone needs to reset, recharge and relax. There are many great national parks to choose from if you are looking to adventure in this way. Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons agrees that being in the outdoors can be a great mental break for people that live in a busy world.

One national park in particular is that of the Sequoias. Many hikers have found a love for this park for a variety of reasons. For one, it is not as well known as its neighbor national park of Yosemite. These two California parks are both full of many of the same types of sites, but Yosemite has gotten much more PR which means more people. To get a campsite at Yosemite can be a trying endeavor especially during peak seasons.

The other reason people love the Sequoias are sites like “General Sherman” which is a massive tree and the crystal caves that can be explored. Sequoia also offers some smaller adventures such as natural water slides. These are rocks that have been smoothed out over time by rushing water and then covered in moss creating a water slide effect. It is a short hike to reach these water slides, but well worth it (especially on a hot day). Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons loves to hike and sperlunk and Sequoia offers many opportunities for both of these fun adventure activities.


Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons and His Community Commitment

Daniel Edwards FitzgibbonsAs far as Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons is concerned, family has always occupied a prominent role in his life, from the time he was the youngest of five children growing up in Fargo, where he attended grade school and high school. In high school, Mr. Fitzgibbons was a very busy student, becoming involved in a singing group and a key club at the same time he played for his high school football and golf teams, as well as intramural hockey. That is why he has such a commitment to community; it has been part of who he is since he was one of five Fitzgibbons children growing up in Fargo, North Dakota.

More than anything, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons loves his community. He loved where he grew up so much, he even started college close to home in North Dakota, and only transferred just over the state line, to Moorehead State in Minnesota, so he could graduate and get the degree he wanted. Sometime later, job opportunities led him to the Twin Cities, where he is now married and has two children.

With a strong commitment to his community, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons tries to give back in every way possible. One example comes with Dan’s work with Dress for Success Twin Cities, which has a mission to increase women’s economic independence of women through empowerment. That charity supplies women with the work clothing they need to get a good job. Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons also works with several non-profits that help the poor and homeless in the Twin Cities region. One of his favorites is Bridging, which provides those transitioning out of homelessness with basic household items. He also does a lot of work with Loaves and Fishes, a program that serves up nearly a half million nutritious, hot meals to those who need them.

A Profile of Businessman and Humanitarian Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

Daniel Edward FitzgibbonsCertainly, most will acknowledge that Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons has expertise when it comes to the business of computer storage systems, his goal is to be seen as a lot more. He does good work as a Data Protection Business Manager at the Minneapolis, Minnesota office of EMC Corporation, a 37-year-old company that has become a prominent international technology company, producing revenue in the tens of billions of dollars every year. They also employ more than 70,000 globally. With
more than 25 years of technology and sales experience, he’s among the best, but he has also become a community leader in the Greater Minneapolis Area, his adopted home.

Now married with two children, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons moved to the Twin Cities some time ago, and he loves his adopted home enough to give back when he can. That is why he helps to feed the hungry through his work with Loaves and Fishes, a program that serves nearly a half million nutritious, hot meals to the poor annually, as well as his work with Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program, which works with Minneapolis Recreation Development and hundreds of community groups to distribute more than 600,000 sandwiches to the hungry and homeless every year. Through his work with Dress for Success Twin Cities, he helps to boost the economic independence of women through empowerment and working with Bridging, helps people in their transition out of homelessness.

As far as Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons is concerned, community and family always occupy a prominent position in his life. This was true even when he grew up in Fargo, North Dakota as the youngest of five children and grew up attending grade school and high school and busying himself with extracurricular activities, like singing in a group and belonging to a key club and a drama group. He also played high school football and golf back then.